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Back by popular demand:
a SPECIAL REPRINT of everyone’s favorite Highpointing guidebook!





IMPORTANT! This reprint contains all the photos, maps, and information that were in the original 2002 printing of Highpoint Adventures. Note that the pages of this special reprint were professionally scanned from the original 2002 book, and are not quite as “pretty” and “sharp” as the original version.

From Alaska to Florida and Maine to California, discover America’s great outdoors through the fun and exciting adventure of HIGHPOINTING — driving, hiking or climbing to the highest summit in each state.

HIGHPOINT ADVENTURES has selected for you the easiest route up each of the 50 state highpoints. Whether you’re a first-timer on a drive with all the kids to your state’s highest spot or you’re a veteran climber seeking the ultimate challenge of Alaska’s Mount McKinley — it’s all right here, packed with the information you need!

* Concise and accurate route descriptions
* Expert advice on planning your adventure
* Easy to understand ratings for beginner to expert
* Complete instructions for reaching trailheads
* Detailed maps to find your way
* Over 150 useful and informative photos
* Tips on fascinating nearby places of interest
* Trip logs to record your success
* And much more!

Available from Amazon (paperback): Highpoint Adventures: The Complete Guide to the 50 State Highpoints

We also have several updated state highpoint chapters available on Kindle:


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