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Ellie Dwyer’s Change of Plans (Ellie Dwyer book 3)

Home is where the camper is.

Ellie’s travel arrangements are scuttled following a timely roadside “rescue” by a fellow full-time RVer. Walt is kind-hearted, funny, and, in Ellie’s opinion, a George Clooney look-alike. What better way to bide her time before moving on to her next camping reservation than to enjoy the company of a new friend at a lakeside campground?

As a cascade of shutdowns, closed facilities, and canceled reservations conspire to quash her plans to reunite with Ruth, her closest friend and usual traveling companion, Ellie and Walt make the best of “shelter at home” orders, dreaming of their own future adventures once the crisis has eased. But adversity doesn’t have to be as novel as a pandemic; emergencies can still strike in old, familiar ways.

Filled with both joy and sadness, Ellie Dwyer’s Change of Plans will make you laugh, bring a tear to your eye, and help you rejoice in the power of love and friendship.


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